Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My messenger Bag


When I went out of town a couple weekends ago, this is what I made... and I LOVE IT!!! This is a crocheted bag. I also bought fabric and lined the inside of it. CUTE! I wear it everywhere, even around the house... lol - well not so much anymore, but I sure did when I first made it!   I really want to make another one, just need a different color! - I saw a picture of this online and after staring at it for awhile, decided I could probably figure out the pattern... and I did! Made me just a little proud! HA! 

Colleen G. 


Anne Marie said...

Ok, this is C-U-T-E!! You should be proud! I completely need one in pink! Are you taking orders?? Lol! :)

Penny Hanuszak said...

I agree with Anne Marie, that's quite an accomplishment. You're one talented lady Colleen. Thanks for sharing this project, I love crocheting too!

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